The patient was a 48 year old man from GCC with a prior history of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and obstructive sleep apnea all stemming from previously being overweight. In March of 2015, the patient underwent omega loop gastric bypass surgery in GCC. Post-surgery, the patient developed some complications requiring a few days in the intensive care unit. After discharge from the hospital, the patient continued to experience complications including postprandial nausea and vomiting. Because the hospital could not determine the root cause of the complications the patient was transferred to a Washington, D.C. hospital for further evaluation and to undergo multiple studies including an endoscopy and a barium test.

The patient was treated with Nexium for acid reflux and with two courses of Flagyl for bacteria overgrowth. The symptoms resolved with this treatment. The patient no longer experiences the nausea and vomiting and is able to eat multiple meals throughout the day without issue. To date, the patient has lost 22kg and has been able to discontinue treatment for diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

During the patient’s stay in the USA PCI provided an RN to assist in navigating the healthcare system in DC and accessing proper medications and instructions on how to comply with the medication treatment plan. In addition, The PCI Patient Services Coordinator assisted with banking, grocery shopping and general orientation to DC and the surrounding communities to enhance the overall patient experience.

The patient returned to GCC feeling much better and appreciating the support during their stay in the USA.