Our team at PCI Houston took care of a 33 year old spinal cord injury patient with a complete paraplegia as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The patient arrived with his two brothers from the GCC. He and his brothers were transported by PCI to their hotel and subsequently shown furnished and unfurnished apartments in safe areas and close to the Medical Center.

Within two days the apartment was chosen and the patient and his family were escorted to their new home by PCI staff. PCI received the patients schedule and proceeded to set up a meeting to introduce the family to the PCI team working with the patient on an ongoing basis. All therapies were covered by the PCI interpreters and Patient Services Coordinators.

Banking, SIM cards and an orientation to the Houston community occurred within the first two days of arrival. The patient and family were given PCI’s on call number in case of any emergency.

During the first few therapy sessions goals and objectives of the patients program were reiterated to them through PCI Interpreter/Patient Services Coordinators.