Patient Care International responds to the requests of any country to provide consultative and clinical education services specific to improving the local health care system.

If there is interest in the United States, PCI arranges global training projects, working with clinical experts from your institution. PCI organizes a comprehensive evaluation of any hospital unit or clinic and works with the Health Ministries of major governments to provide on-site education and training in advanced patient care.

Our staff takes pride in our accomplishments and believes it is vital to share our experiences and learn from others to improve the lives of patients around the world.

The Best Practice Program goals are:

  • Establish on-site training within the country
  • Conduct hands-on education, instruction, mentoring, clinical case consultation, and lectures for hospital staff
  • Educate physicians and Registered Nurses on contemporary patient care and new treatment protocol technologies
  • Develop and standardize equipment and supply selection for patients
  • Develop treatment parameters and protocols, as appropriate to the site, to improve patient outcomes and educate staff on the use of these protocols
  • Perform leadership training with physicians and RNs
  • Develop infrastructure for patient transport and health emergencies/code training
  • Implement standardized infection prevention protocols
  • Engage in mentoring, clinical case consultation, educational lectures for hospital staff and quality reviews of clinical services and systems

If you would like to participate in the Best Practices Program, request more information.


Shannon and a physician participate in bedside rounds oversea.

One of the re-engineered NICU units during a global best practices project.
Shannon and the team with some of the nurses in Saudi Arabia during their best practices initiative.
Shannon and a colleague teaching a course during a best practices project overseas.