PCI is committed to improving the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system through training and mentoring.

Health care professionals specializing in patient care are not always equipped with the necessary expertise to be effective hospital administrators and leaders. Leadership training for hospitals is becoming increasingly important as the success of any organization requires teamwork and effective communication from all sides.

PCI tailors a program aimed at health care professionals and administrators to optimize the services of your institution and the effectiveness of the staff. PCI assembles teams of physicians, nurses, and support staff to provide training and mentoring both domestically and overseas.


PCI provides training with the key staff from hospital international centers to augment and improve upon existing services.

PCI also assists hospitals domestically in opening international centers while providing onsite training focused on creating effective managers, leaderships, and workplace champions. Additionally, PCI acts as a turn-key international center in the interim while providing training and ongoing support as the center grows.


PCI travels abroad with a specialized team to implement leadership training projects based upon the goals of the facility.

These programs will be a long-term advantage to your organization’s future! If you would like to participate in the Hospital Leadership Training and Mentoring Program, request more information.