The Nurse Navigation program focuses on improving care coordination between the patient, doctor and caregiver. Considering the obstacles which contribute to this lack of care coordination and communication regarding international patients, especially within the community, this service is particularly important.

Nurse Navigation is able to improve patient compliance with prescribed therapies, leading to better understanding and generalization of the discharge plan.

Some of the common issues that international patients face are:

  • Compliancy difficulty
  • Lack of knowledge regarding available community resources
  • Recalling hospital education performed through an interpreter and not in their native language

PCI strives to address these issues through implementation of the Nurse Navigator role and the entire Care Coordination team. PCI will assist families with strong attention to detail, acting as a patient advocate and liaising between health care providers to ensure that each patient and family receive the care they need.

PCI recognizes the social, cultural and psycho-social obstacles which these families face. Our team addresses these issues each time we interact with the patient; whether that be through our support staff (native speakers of the language) or our team of nurses (many of whom have also had experience working and teaching in different parts of the world, including the Middle East).

Our international patients will receive the highest-quality of care from our attentive and dedicated teams of Nurse Navigators and Patient Coordinators. Our business model allows for the hospital to focus strictly on the clinical aspect of care, while PCI manages all of the details out of the clinical setting to ensure that families have a relaxing and stress-free experience while in the USA.

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The Nurse Navigation Program will provide patients with:

  • Empowering and informative education to help patients better understand their conditions and encourage compliancy
  • Medication compliance monitoring
  • Reinforcement of the hospital discharge teaching
  • Post-discharge care planning, organization, and assistance in ordering necessary durable equipment and supplies
  • Assistance in maintaining patient supplies and medication at home
  • Assistance in managing patient companion health care issues


Jane, RN, works with students at summer camps.
Shannon working on a best practices project in a nursery overseas.
Shannon cares for an infant overseas.
Shannon working with international patients on the neonatal intensive care unit.